Wednesday, September 10, 2008

angel of me VS me of me

Legend me1 = angel of me me2 = me of me(not devil of me) me1: hey, morning big guy! me2: hoaam, yeah zaap!what time is it? me1: hmm, 4pm i guess. me2: WTF? it's evening u moron! me1: bla bla..u blame me now! last night i told u to sleep early but then u get mad at me rite? me2: yeeah my bad, but whatever!! me1: ok now let's get started. now go to the bathroom, brush ur teeth, prepare urself cuz we have a homework to do! me2: huh? later boy, brush our teeth is makruh at this month!hehe..i think im gonna go direct to the laptop! is it ok? me1: wow great! lets go then!
(menyalakan laptop tercinta)
me1: ok, now open ur references n start to read some shit! me2: hell noo!! its juz to early to start doing this going to check my email first and sign in to YM and MSN!im sign in as invisible alrite..nobody will notice me anyway! me1: ok..juz check ur email then! me2: hey! i've just got message from fb and gonna check it right away!
(ngecek fs sama fb sama blog sama deviant sama plurk samarinda samarang(jateng)hehe..)
me1: buzz!!time's up! me2: geezz..relax bro! i have to check the news..i just want to know what happened to the world nowadays!hehe.. me1: ggggrrrrrr.....
(membaca berita yang selalu diisi dengan kejahatan..ooh duniaa)
me2: hey..its 7pm already..we must prepare for break a fast! im going to wash the dishes and buy some drink ok! lets chill for a while! after pray we start to work on it! me1: hungry anyway..
(ambil cateringan, beli es, bikin minuman, tajil trus magriban lalu makan membabi melek!)
me2: full now... me1: we can move to your room! me2: what! are u shittin' me!c'mon man.."wes mangan ora ngudud ora best!". and u know that! me1: fu*k you!!
(merokok dulu menikmati hidup bersama teman2 tercinta di ruang tengah sembari ngopi2)
me2: done now..dont get mad bro..lets do the homework now!!hmm, but before that im gonna download some movie first ok!i need refreshing somehow.. me1: =)
(bacabaca jurnal, buku, artikel, saking banyaknya gatau apa yg mau ditulis..)
me2: done tired.. me1: WTF!! its only the introduction! we've still got a long way to go!! me2: we can do it tomorrow ok! the due date is a week from now..we still have plenty of time ya know! me1: because the due date is only a week u have to do it right now!! me2: gonna do it my way..believe me!besides there's a lot of my friend who gonna say hi to them.. me1: f*ck you!! me2: yeah fu*k you right back!!
(chating, fs sama fb sama blog sama deviant sama plurk samarinda sarabaya(jatim)hehe..)
me1: ur getting boring now..ok we start over again..can we? me2: if we watch the movie now!ya see..our downloaded movie is done! me1: will spent about 2hours to watch that crap! its wasted! me2: yea..but in this condition i really think i cant do my homework! i cant concentrate y'know! me1: *#&@o*&#@*&[#'^%@#^&!!
(akhirnya nonton film donlotan..sampai tiba2 ada panggilan dari kamar bawah..CS CS CS!!)
me2: hey..people downstairs want us to play counterstrike! i cant deny it man..i love counterstrike! me1: it's late..u better sleep now.. me2: yeah i better sleep and u better go to hell!! me1: =(
(bermain CS sampai fajar menjemput. alarm kami adalah salah satu dari kami sadar bahwa waktu imsak akan segera datang)
me2: im done..lets go sahur then! me1: ................ me2: hey mate..where are you?im really sorry for not listening to you! my bad..promise tomorrow will be a better day..=) me1: ................. me2: hey dont leave me alone!!im lost without you!forgive me please.. me1: ...................... me2: hik hiiks hiks...please accept my sincerest, deepest, pure apology.. me1: ehm..ok..i'll never leave u nothing without u too..=) me2: fuuh..thnx god ur back!i love u! me1: ok go to sleep..tomorrow is a big day boy!! me2: hhmm..can i open my blog for a while? me1: what thee??u told me ur gonna be nice! me2: hhmm..i just want to write down this insident in my blog so that the "future of me" would be embarrased if he messed up with u again.. me1: =) me2: =) *malas sekali akhir akhir ini entah kenapa..(T_T)